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Porcellain Collection
Duration: 1hr  |  Max. Group Size: 25 Participants  |  Price: 82 Euro (inkl. VAT.)

With an unparalleled diversity of objects the Dresden State Collections are among the most universal and comprehensive collections worldwide. Constructed throughout four and a half centuries, the eleven museums provide exquisite treasures of art of the ancient world, Western Europe, the countries of the Orient as well as outstanding forms of presentation. The museums include collections of painting, sculpture, graphic and applied arts, and coins. They occupy magnificent buildings like the Zwinger, the Dresden Castle and the Albertinum.


In the Dresden Porcelain Collection, and nowhere else in the world, you will find the first experiments, the first accomplishments and all the varieties of techniques of early European porcelain making. While being imprisoned by August the Strong, Johann Friedrich Boettger struggled for many years to find a formula to produce gold. In 1708 together with Ehrenfried Walter von Tschirnhaus he found the formula to produce real hard paste porcelain. Since 1710 until the present this porcelain has been successfully produced in Meissen. The porcelain collection also contains a vast assortment of Chinese wares of all different types ranging from the stoneware of the Song period to the porcelain of the reign of Emperor Kangxi. Japanese porcelain is represented by Arita and Kakiemon pieces.


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