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Museum Tours in Dresden

History of Science Collection
Duration: 1hr  |  Max. Group Size: 25 Participants  |  Price: 82 Euro (inkl. VAT.)

With an unparalleled diversity of objects the Dresden State Collections are among the most universal and comprehensive collections worldwide. Constructed throughout four and a half centuries, the eleven museums provide exquisite treasures of art of the ancient world, Western Europe, the countries of the Orient as well as outstanding forms of presentation. The museums include collections of painting, sculpture, graphic and applied arts, and coins. They occupy magnificent buildings like the Zwinger, the Dresden Castle and the Albertinum.


The interest of Prince Elector August I in natural sciences produced an impressive collection of scientific instruments, which became the Dresden art chamber in 1560. It was to become the founding stone of the contemporary Dresden State Collections with its 12 different museums. August himself had his own laboratory in his castle in Dresden to investigate all the wonders of nature. His views reflect the spirit of systemic and rational inquiry that was unknown before the Renaissance. Let us explore this wonderful scientific museum with its timepieces, telescopes and microscopes, the core of which is still the collection of instruments that originally belonged to August.


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