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Museum Tours in Dresden

New Green Vault
Duration: 1hr  |  Max. Group Size: 25 Participants  |  Price: 82 Euro (inkl. VAT.)

With an unparalleled diversity of objects the Dresden State Collections are among the most universal and comprehensive collections worldwide. Constructed throughout four and a half centuries, the eleven museums provide exquisite treasures of art of the ancient world, Western Europe, the countries of the Orient as well as outstanding forms of presentation. The museums include collections of painting, sculpture, graphic and applied arts, and coins. They occupy magnificent buildings like the Zwinger, the Dresden Castle and the Albertinum.


A visit to the Green Vault is a dazzling experience. This museum contains a total of more than 4.000 precious objects. Set in the castles strong rooms in the basement, the name refers to the original green decoration of the main hall. It was the most important contribution of August the Strong to what is now the Dresden State Collection. Its origins date back to the Art chamber of Prince Elector August I., which was founded in 1560. Your guide will show you tankards and goblets and other precious objects in gold, silver, ivory, ebony, jasper, amber, glass, bronze and other materials. Master goldsmith Johann Melchior Dinglinger has produced the collection's highlights. Among the most fascinating objects you will see is the miniature recreation of the court of an Indian mogul ruler consisting of more than 130 golden figures embellished with nearly 5000 diamonds.

The Treasure Museum consists of two sections. The first is called the 'Historic Green Vault', which is in the basement of the castle and presents around 3,000 objects in their original surroundings. The main idea of the second section, which is called the 'New Green Vault', is to highlight most of the central pieces in a beautifully designed modern setting. There you will find, for example, the celebrated Dresden Green Diamond, or the main works of the Dinglinger family.


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