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Saxon Switzerland
Duration: 8 hrs  |  Max. Group Size: 35 participants  |  Price: 299 Euro (inkl. VAT.)

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If you feel like combining town, gardens and countryside, why not spend a day in the Saxon Switzerland, seeing Pillnitz Gardens, the picturesque Saxon Switzerland and the imposing fortress of Königstein?


Before we leave Dresden lets have a walk in the grounds of Pillnitz palace. The palace with its baroque pleasure gardens was created under the rule of August the Strong and is the most important château in faux-Chinese style in Germany.

As a contrast to the man made beauty of Pillnitz, we are then experiencing a total change of scenery. Quaint villages, dramatic cliffs, lush riverside meadows and the occasional hilltop fortress constitute one of the most picturesque landscapes of Germany. The "Saxon Switzerland" is a striking landscape of bizarre rock formations and bare sandstone crags that stretches southeast into the Czech Republic (where it is known as the "Bohemian Switzerland"). We will make a stop at the “bastei” (“bastion”) where we look down to a backdrop of soaring dark firs and towering rock formations. From another viewpoint, we overlook the river Elbe and see the Czech republic in the distance.

The fantastic hill fortress of Königstein, not far from the Czech border, is one of the largest in Europe. The 2,200 meter-long perimeter wall offers spectacular views over the Saxon-Bohemian-Switzerland. We will walk around the castle parapets, with views of the jagged landscape, immense table rocks with names like Lilienstein and Pfaffenstein. Deep below, the sweeping bend of the Elbe River creeps past scattered villages and long dormant quarries that for centuries supplied sandstone for the architectural glories of Dresden.


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