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Duration: 3-5 hrs  |  Max. Group Size: 35 participants  |  Price: 149-199 Euro (inkl. VAT.)

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One of the most interesting areas to explore in Saxony is Schloss Moritzburg.


A few miles from Dresden, the artists of the Brücke movement, Erich Heckel, Ernst Kirchner and Max Pechstein, have sojourned and painted there. The painters felt attracted to the beautiful landscape of Moritzburg with its lakes and softly undulating hills where they painted themselves and their models. We will also immediately be captivated by the tranquil charm and the genius of the place.

After a walk through the gardens of the hunting palace of Moritzburg, we will visit its parade rooms resplendent with the original painted leather wall coverings. There we will also see a huge dining hall adorned with dozens of antlers and an extraordinary feather room. The fabulous Moritzburg feather bed was made with more than a million colored feathers and had cost the equivalent of a large estate.

Moritzburg makes a great day out of Dresden!


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