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Duration: 5-8 hrs  |  Max. Group Size: 35 participants  |  Price: 219-299 Euro (inkl. VAT.)

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Meißen is a beautiful, romantic city with many late Gothic and Renaissance buildings. We will explore the old town, with its castle and the cathedral.


Many arts and craft's shops bordering the steep, winding streets are tempting us to have a closer look into them. Nearby vineyards provide excellent dry red and white wines, which you might taste during our lunch break. Meißen is nowadays famous for its porcelain, which has been produced here since 1710. In 1722, the crossed blue swords of the coat of arms of the Electors of Saxony were painted on every piece of Meissen porcelain to prevent copying, thereby becoming the trademark of the manufacture. We will watch the process of the creation and hand painting of the china in the manufacture itself.


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