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Duration: 9 hrs  |  Max. Group Size: 35 participants  |  Price: 329 Euro (inkl. VAT.)

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Lusatia straddles the states of Saxony and Brandenburg. The history, the geography of the region and a community of some sixty thousand Sorbs make Lusatia a natural bridge between Germany and Eastern Europe.


In its appearance and customs, Lusatia is more Slavic than German. The names of many towns in Lusatia have a Slavic alias. About half the Sorbs speak the ancient Sorbic language. Crucifixes with brightly gilded figures of Christ dot the landscape.

In the picturesque old town of Bautzen/Budissin we will see the soaring Gothic cathedral of St. Peter, the only church in Germany divided by an ornate iron grille with Protestants holding services on one side and Catholics on the other.

The tour will also bring us to Görlitz, the former home of the German mystic Jacob Böhme. The river Neisse had made the city into a major trading centre in the middle ages. After 1990 Görlitz had undergone a massive restoration programme to reemerge as one of Germany's most beautiful cities with a stunning array of architectural riches. Highlights there include a late 15th century copy of the Jerusalem 'Holy Sepulcher' and the St. Peter and Paul church with its famous 'Sonnenorgel' ('Sun Organ').

On our trip you will also hear about Count Zinzendorf, who was one of the most striking leaders of the Protestant world in the 18th century. He visited the American colonies where he established the Moravian Church and founded Bethlehem, Pa., in 1741.


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