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Duration: 10 hrs  |  Max. Group Size: 35 participants  |  Price: 359 Euro (inkl. VAT.)

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Leipzig is a showplace of German art, music and literature. Its university was founded in 1409 and became one the most influential in Europe. Its trade fairs thrive since the 13th century.


Schiller wrote his Ode to Joy there which is nowadays best known for its musical setting in Beethoven's Ninth Symphony (do you remember the theme music of Kubricks film 'A Clockwork Orange'?). Wagner was born in Leipzig, Goethe and Schumann were students in the city, Mahler conducted the civic theatre orchestra of the city.

Within the vanished city walls we will explore a town which will seduce you. In the Thomaschurch we will feel ourselves instantly in the company of its mighty organist and choirmaster, Johann Sebastian Bach. We will be moved by the nearby magic of the Nikolaikirche, the church where the massed will of the citizens led directly to the fall of the Socialist government in 1989. The 'House zum Kaffeebaum' still serves excellent coffee just as it has served it since the 17th century. Leipzig's position as a trade center is responsible for an array of numerous baroque trade palaces and courtyards. One of the best known places in Leipzig is the restaurant Auerbach's Cellar, which Goethe used as one of the settings in his 'Faust'. Of course we will also have free time to discover the smart shops in the downtown area.


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