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City Tours in Dresden

Duration: 2hrs  |  Max. Group Size: 25 participants  |  Price: 109 Euro (inkl. VAT.)
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Experience the grandeur of Dresden in two unforgettable hours! Discover and venture behind the scenes with us.


Since the reunification of Germany, Dresden rose phoenix like from the ashes. Baroque churches have been rebuilt; the royal city palace is home again to the Green Vault. The collection is part of Dresden’s 12 five star state museums and includes the 40.7-carat Dresden green diamond. The 18th- century Frauenkirche (Church of Our Lady), left standing as a ruin for decades, is now reconstructed and a living symbol for the bright message, "Brücken Bauen; Versöhnung Leben" ("Building bridges; living in harmony"). The surrounding New Market has been partly rebuilt, and its architectural treasures look deceptively ancient.

We also take a stroll to the Zwinger, which is an 18th century folly entered through an onion-towered gateway. Fountains splash in the courtyard populated with bathing nymphs and prancing satyrs, and a carillon of porcelain bells daintily chimes the hour. The complex contains the city's porcelain collection, several other museums as well as a wing dedicated to the magnificent royal painting gallery. The largest porcelain frieze in the world, the Procession of Princes, lets you explore the most dramatic moment of the 829-year rule of the royal family over Saxony.

We will conclude our tour with the Brühlsche Terrasse - a promenade above the Elbe – and its fantastic views.


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