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City Tours in Dresden

New Town
Duration: 2hrs  |  Max. Group Size: 25 participants  |  Price: 109 Euro (inkl. VAT.)

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Mostly spared by the bombings of ‘45 and left to deteriorate under 40 years of communist rule, the Neustadt mirrors the new East Germany.


Here comes historic and modern Dresden together. In the Inner Neustadt close to the river, avant-garde galleries, boutiques and chic restaurants are tucked into narrow lanes. You will see beautifully restored houses of baroque Dresden. Farther from the water, the Outer Neustadt draws a young, international population. Punk teens with colored hair and young professionals share the neighborhood with working-class families and senior citizens.

Here 19th-century country villas and Victorian row houses are now home to more than 100 bars, clubs and restaurants. You will visit an alleyway known as the Kunsthofpassage, or Art Passage, which is always teaming with young locals. One of the connecting passageways, the "courtyard of fantastic creatures," has walls, which are decorated with animals and humans fashioned from mosaic stones. Let us go and visit the area with Dresden's trendiest scene.


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